Soap for those, who like... themselves

I am glad to see that you are interested in my natural soaps and beauty products and that you would like to learn a more about my passion and profession! My name is Angelina Lozytska and I manufacture natural soaps, bath pralines, massage candle and other beauty products which are so indispensable to us women and, well, lately to men as well :)

I started making natural soaps as I always like to use what nature provides us, and I was not satisfied with the chemical, industrial soaps available on the market. I started to look for truly natural soaps and had little luck finding them. As I like to think I always took good care of my skin I wanted only the best ingredients and this meant for me not to use chemical soaps but only products which are composed fully of natural ingredients. I started understanding that soap making is not only a hobby for me, but a true passion and my calling. I am proud to say that in each piece of soap there is a part of myself, my experience and passion. I derive the greatest pleasure from customers who love my products and it is my goal to make your experience with my products an unforgettable one. So please join me on the journey to learn about my natural products and the positive impact they can have on your well being!

First of all I would like to say that all my soaps are 100 percent natural. No chemicals, synthetic materials or factory colors will be found in any of my products! No, my soaps are composed of natural, self-selected and high value oils that I order from France, Germany and America (wish I can show certificates). Some of the oils are derived from natural products you may know already such as avocado, apricot and grape seed, jojoba, golden macadamia, sweet almond, wheat germ, pistachio, olive, castor, shea butter, palm, palm kernel, coconut, cocoa, and others. Adding other natural materials such as, for example, silk, certain vitamins, clay, chocolate, menthol and seaweed, is rounding the composition of my most frequently used raw materials. I take great pride only buying materials from producers I visited myself and where I experienced production and quality first hand. Each one of my raw material providers has to undergo a thorough due diligence procedure and quality is constantly monitored. This assures that the materials are always adhering to highest quality standards and that you truly get an all natural product!

My soaps are colored only by natural additives, such as for example unrefined grape seed oil which gives a nice, soft color. Or clay which is used as the basic ingredient in my chocoalte soap. Rosemary and grape seeds create a nnice marbel effect. So you see, these materials are used to assure a nice sensation from the first time you see the soap! My pride is a natural white color which I achieve by specifically blending certain oils and, yes, pork fat. I agree, it sounds not very romantic or beautiful, but believe me, it is far more pleasant than titanium dioxide which is used in chemical soaps you probably buy today.

It is my goal to not only introduce you to my soaps but to also provide you with a basic understanding about soap selection. I therefore hope to share some of my experience and passion with you. Let me draw your attention to one mistake that many make when choosing soaps. Yes, I first did it myself all the time! Please consider for a moment how and with what you choose a piece of soap today? Well…? That's it! You sniff and smell it! And now let me ask you a question: Of course you select a perfume by its smell, but why do you sniff when selecting a soap in which you hope to bathe and indulge?))) I'll tell you why I'm emphasizing this point. A great portion of natural soaps are made up by high quality oils and the fact is that most natural oils do not smell. If they do, its only a moderate oder which holds for a maximum of one to two months, if even that long. So, the lesson is that natural soaps don’t smell or have hardly smell at all! This is why sniffing and smelling at soaps will be of no benefot. At the contrary, if a piece of soap smells too intensive it is certainly not made from natural ingredients. For me to only make a soap smell and loose the true benefit is not a reason to add chemicals to give soap a synthetic smell; but everyone is free to choose what he likes:) The only time I use other natural ingredients not directly related to the soap is when there is no ingredient relating directly to the soap. Example: Cappuccino; there is no natural cappuccino fragrance available. In this case I substitute using other natural oils to get as close to a cappuccino smell as possible. But even here I do not use chemical fragrances.

I would like to start introducing you to my soaps now. In order to understand what soap is right for you you have to use it at least a week or two (except citrus soap, if you are allergic against citrus oils do not use it). The fact that our skin is so used to chemical factory soaps means that the skin will not immediately begin to rebuild itself by the use of natural soap. This is similar to the transition to a healthy diet if having eaten unhealthy all life. If we suddenly start to eat properly, then the first few days, there might be a feeling of some discomfort, which is gradually replaced by a feeling of delight and well being. It is similar when changing from chemical soaps to natural ones. It’s often simply a matter of lack of understanding of how we lived before But don’t worry, it’s not at all so complicated. Simply, try, evaluate and see the result for yourself I am convinced you will be amazed by it! By the way, let me say that I have always enjoyed a hand cream after having my hands exposed to long periods in water, for example doing dishes, etc. Now I use only my own soap to rebuild its texture and replunish and moisterize it.

I am also very pleased to offer massage candles for a romantic evening which are made by request. I would like to add that you can order massage candles for a romantic evening and indulge with him using his favourite (…be careful not do pamper him to much; as we know men become accustomed to this very quickly) or your favourite one (well, here it is possible to indulge without measure:)). Enough to light a candle and within two minutes you can draw a lot of fragrant and 'spoiling' a loved one or relax by your favourite erotic massage:) I just hope that all my other products such as bath pralines also will not leave you indifferent ...